Streamline Horticultural

Streamline has been supplying the viticulture and agricultural industry for over 15 years with degradable and environmentally friendly nursery lines. We are now expanding the range to bring our experience to other nursery industries.

Our horticultural products includes the patented tree pot, developed to reduce plastic pot waste in the field. We are the manufacturers and can work with you to produce a eco friendly, sustainable and green product that will be more efficient and cost effective, by using one way non return degradable containers.

Streamline Cartons long life vine guards and planter tubes are used extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Vine Guards:

We offer a range of low cost vine/tree guards in numerous sizes. They are designed to protect vines and trees from environmental stressors such as wind, sand blasting, herbicide and pests. They are constructed from a tough lined cardboard that we have developed over the last 10 years of manufacturing.

Vineyards especially benefit from the herbicide protection as the guards enable spraying between the vines without the spray drifting and damaging the young vines.

Our guards are designed to perform well in excess of two years. The guards can withstand being submerged in water, allowing the vines/trees to become established.


Planter Tubes:

The biodegradable planter tube has been used extensively in the viticulture industry for many years. Our planter tubes reduce the time vine cuttings are required in the nursery from 18 months to only 6 months, effectively improving the time to field planting by 12 months.

The benefits of growth in the green house with controlled heat, fertilizer and water in an optimum growing medium combine to push the plant along strongly. The plant remains in the tube from striking and is finally planted whilst still in the tube with little to no disturbance to the roots. The planter then breaks down in the soil as the plants root system develops.

The tubes have to withstand the rigours of handling and sorting without coming apart but still allow for decomposition in the field, once planted.