About Us

Streamline Cartons is a leading cardboard packaging manufacturer in South Australia, especially when it comes to quality and service.

The family business began over 25 years ago when Kym and Julie Harris purchased a die cutter, their first piece of machinery. This practical foundation, and high involvement has enabled Streamline Cartons to grow to the success it is now.
With continual growth, Streamline Cartons now manufactures for a wide range of brands Australia wide.

From the beginning, our key goal has been to provide a personal approach to all our clients, ensuring we provide that extra level of service. Being a medium sized family business, we care about providing you with the best cardboard packaging and display solutions possible. All our manufacturing takes place here in Cavan, South Australia. This means we can offer shorter lead times and can be flexible and responsive to change.

2017 was a major turning point for Streamline Cartons when we purchased our new printing press, a KBA Rapida 105 bringing all printing in house. The purchase of this new press has allowed Streamline to expand on the finishes and products we can offer, including both UV and conventional inks and varnishes, again providing more choice for our clients.  This investment has also enabled us to reduce lead times and improve on quality.

The family business is passionate about keeping manufacturing here in South Australia, so we can continue to provide outstanding and personal service along with high quality cartons to help your product stand out.


Carbon Reduction Journey



Carbon Emissions

Reporting Year


Base Year 2019


Scope 1 (ton CO2e)



Scope 2 (ton CO2e)



Total operational emissions




In 2023, Streamline Cartons managed to achieve carbon intensity reduction of 66.19% (per unit of revenue) against base year 2019.

Our carbon reduction target by 2025 from the base year is 70%, this will be achieved through the investment into more efficient machinery and using low or zero carbon energy sources.