Streamline Cartons is proud to be involved with the viticultural and agricultural industries. We have worked alongside the leading suppliers within these industries to create degradable and environmentally friendly planters and guards. With almost two decades experience, our patented products are tried and tested, so we know they work.

Our vine guards have proven their abilities to:

  • Perform well in excess of two years on the field
  • Withstand environmental stressors such as wind, sand blasting, herbicides and pests
  • Enables easy spraying between young vines without contamination
  • Withstand being submerged in water
  • Break down in the sun over time, eliminating labour to collect when the vine/ tree is developed

Streamline Cartons also manufactures degradable planter tubes, which are used extensively in the viticulture industry.
Our planter tubes reduce the time vine cuttings are required in the nursery effectively improving the time to field planting.

The benefits of growth in the green house with controlled heat, fertilizer and water in an optimum growing medium combine to push the plant along strongly.
The plant remains in the tube from striking and is planted still in the tube with little to no disturbance to the roots. The plants root system develop and break out of the planter.

Streamline Cartons continues to work with key bodies in these industries and applies the latest technology, innovation and experience in this field to continuously create and manufacture new developments. With two decades of experience, our horticultural products have set the standard in degradable guards.

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